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Club Policies

The Club Policies cover how we expect anyone connected to Headley, Whitehill & Bordon Cricket Club to conduct themselves when they are at a game involving the club or attending a practice. There are also a number of important policies around the issue of child protection. All parents of junior members need to read and understand these documents when their child becomes a member of the club.

Here are the policies:

- Safeguarding Policy Statement (PDF Document)

- Club Code of Conduct (PDF Document)

- Children Playing in Adult Matches (PDF Document)

- Managing Children Away From The Club (PDF Document)

- Transport Policy (PDF Document)

- Photography & Video Policy (PDF Document)

- Missing Children Policy (PDF Document)

- ECB Concussion Facts for Players (PDF Document)

- ECB Concussion Facts for Coaches (PDF Document)

- ECB Concussion Facts for Parents (PDF Document)

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