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If you love the game of cricket and want to develop your skills, meet similar minded people and enjoy great comradeship, then HWB CC is for you. We encourage players of all ages; boys and girls, men and women of whatever standard to join our community.

The youth section, comprising age groups from Under 9s up to Under 13s, has dedicated coaches whose aim is to provide a sound foundation of cricketing knowledge and skills developed in a friendly and supportive atmosphere. There are regular matches against local clubs enabling youngsters to understand and enjoy the essence of competition and to prepare them for their transition into the men’s and ladies’ teams.

Outdoor practice will start in April - visit the juniors section for times, dates & venue. 


For further details on our junior section or to sign your child up, please contact Head Coach Mike Hughes, here.

2023 saw the launch of the Headley Hens, a soft ball cricket section formed to provide the opportunity for women in the Headley/Bordon area to play cricket for the purposes of exercise, fun and development of the players and Headley Cricket Club. 

Headley Hens training is on Mondays 1800 at BOSC.  Friendlies have been arranged including a match as part of President’s Day in August at Headley Playing Fields. 

All are welcome, no matter how much cricketing experience you may have. 

To enquire about joining the women's team or to find out any additional information, please contact the club here.

There are 3 senior Saturday teams, all of which play in the local I’Anson league throughout the summer months (the teams are open to both men & women). Weekly practice sessions on Wednesdays at BOSC start outdoors in April and continue throughout the season. Team selection is made according to ability.  The 2nd & 3rd teams give the opportunity for players to develop their skills before moving up into the 1st team, which plays in Division 2 of the I'Anson league.

A Sunday team plays friendly fixtures to provide cricketers of all levels the opportunity to play cricket.

With all of the teams, the emphasis is on enjoyment, at whatever level, and a supportive team ethic.

For further details on the Senior teams, how to join the club and any other information, please contact the club here.

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