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Benefits of Cricket for Children

Develops Gross Motor Skills

Gross motor skills are those that involve large muscle groups, such as walking, running, and throwing & catching a ball, and they have an impact on things like your child’s co-ordination and balance.

They’re also important because they help develop the fine motor skills your toddler or preschooler will use every day in activities such as holding a crayon, brushing their teeth, drawing a picture, using scissors, holding a knife & fork, etc.

Increases fitness

All that running around not only helps keep your child’s weight at a healthy level, but it’s also good for their heart and lungs.

What’s more, the range of different activities cricket can offer helps strengthen growing bones and muscles.

This in turn increases their overall stamina and strength.

Boosts social skills

Children are notorious for being unable to understand any viewpoint other than their own.

By teaching them to be part of a team – to support, cheer and help each other – Cricket can help your child begin to understand their relative role in the world.

This new understanding helps them learn the value in seeing things from the perspective of another team member.

Builds self-confidence

Learning new skills is always a source of great pride for young children. Not only will learning core cricket skills build their confidence, you’ll also see their self-esteem visibly grow as they master all the smaller steps needed to get them there.

Improves mental Well being

Playing any sport has a positive effect on your child’s mental and emotional health, no matter how young they are.

As well as reducing stress and releasing lots of happy hormones that make them feel good, sport can help increase their focus and attention.

Both of which are important skills to have when it comes to learning in general.

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